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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mämmi recipe

How can you make mämmi at home?

The big question is: buying or preparing? Of course, preparing! Let’s cook mämmi at home!

Mmmmm….. mmmmmm…. mämmi!

Mämmi, the traditional Easter Porridge is a quite common dessert that is eaten during Lent (6 weeks before Easter). Traditionally it was baked and kept in boxes made of birch bark, but nowadays everybody buy it in aluminum or paper boxes in the stores.

This porridge contains only a few ingredients, however, it’s quite difficult to make mämmi. After all you would like to make this special porridge, it’s better to know, that the whole preparation time is 8-12 hours! There is otherwise one good news, too: the minimum volume that you can make is 4 L, which will be enough for all your relatives, friends and neighbors! Probably it’s better to choose a weekend day, when you can be home at the whole day. Now, you have to buy only the ingredients and the great mämmi cooking can be started!

PS: Don’t worry, I will make this recipe on this Saturday, so if you make it with me, please send me a picture of your beautiful porridge!

ildiko from Porridge and Potatoes

The recipe.

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