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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

About us in Camp Pixelache

Last weekend (18.-19.5.) Porridge and Potatoes took part in Camp Pixelache that was held in Naissaar in Estonia as one programme of Pixelache festival 2013.

Traveling there happened by ferry from Helsinki to Tallin in a very foggy weather. We truely experienced a feeling of going towards the unknown - because of fog we concretely didn`t see the way ahead of us! From Tallinn, after some adventures of being in a wrong place at a wrong time, we succeeded in catching boat Monica that took us to Naissaar.

Naissaar is an island located near Tallinn, 10 km away from the Estonian coast. The name of the island means "Island of women". Naissaar has a military history and the traces of it are visible all around it: old sea-mines, abandoned military buildings about to collapse, rail tracks, old war objects for curious visitors to admire, even a small Nargö Museum. It`s also an Estonian nature conservation area.

Photos: Niina Ala-Fossi
more at :

Presentation about P.a.P. in Camp Pixelache:

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Have You heard of artificial meat?

Laboratory grown meat, also known as synthetic meat is an animal flesh product that has never been part of a complete, living animal. The process is based on proliferating animal stem cells under controlled environment. Thus, in theory, one stem cell may provide thousands of kgs of meat. Currently, the technology is claimed to be sufficient to create lab grown meat for commercial use. 

We would like to know your current opinion about lab grown meat and conducted a questionary together with Based on Pig.

Please help us by answering the poll - getting more answers would make the results more trustworthy!

Questionary in English and in Finnish.

Monday, May 6, 2013

May Day in the park

Porridge and Potatoes went to have a traditional May Day picnic in the park in Helsinki. Every one is out there on this day: people wearing their white hats and university trousers, having fun!

This time our sima tasting was not a very organized one - we had sunshine in our eyes, wind in our hair and heads in the clouds.

However, please take a look at the Sima tasting results: