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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Artificial meat?

Artificial meat is a product grown in controlled environment (laboratory) and has never been a part of a live animal. The muscle tissue is created from stem cells harvested from live cattle. In 2004 John F. Vein filed  a patent for in vitro meats for human consumption in the US, while research in the Netherlands resulted the first beef patty made of lab grown beef. The first artificially grown beef burger will be cooked and sold in London in the near future. Although the price of the first lab burger is over 300 000 Euros, we predict a bright future for the technology. 
Together with our Hungarian partner group we surveyed Finnish and Hungarian people to discover the public's opinion about artificial meat. Also, we assessed information on potential environmental and health impacts of the new technology to compile an article of the issue. That article is in the pipe, we'll announce it when ready.
The basics are shown below in our new Prezi: